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Mike’s Marine

mikes marine

Marine engineers don’t come better qualified or experienced than Mike Richards of Mike’s Marine. From the cold shallows of Poole Harbour to the exotic waterfront of Monaco, Mike has used his wealth of experience to breathed new life into the engines of luxury yachts to simple outboard engines with the same enthusiasm and dedication.

This enthusiasm and dedication reflects Mike’s commitment to his profession. With a custom built workshop filled with lathes and pulleys, no commission is too big or too small. From the total refurbishment of classic outboard motors down to the customised

manufacturing of lost, broken or out dated components, Mike’s Marine services encompass both a versatility and willingness to achieve excellence that is often difficult to find today.


In line with Mike’s versatility and experience, other engineering projects such as classic mini restoration and the up-keep of exotic wooden crafted sailing boats ensure that Mike’s engineering services are always in demand.

Always willing to travel to give the ‘once over’ to a potential project, Mike Richards will give you an honest appraisal of the task and offer a realistic time scale on completion.

Simply call Mike on: 07570 583184 to get your restoration project off the ground or visit for a full picture of Mike’s Marine services.