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Barton’s IT Services

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Address: 33 Award Road, Stapehill,  Wimborne, Dorset BH21 7NT

Email:               Company Number: 6683832

Phone: 01202 861077   Mob: 07868 170971  Web:

Having spent a lot of money on personal computers, peripherals and software I feel everyone should be getting the full benefit of what they have bought without feeling intimidated or getting frustrated by the complexity involved.
I have over 30 years experience working in IT, I can diagnose and fix hardware and software problems, tune slow running systems for optimum performance, advise on upgrading and teach you how  to get the best out of the system you have. I can write programs to help you get the computer to do what you want it to rather than make do with what someone else decided to do.


I can also assist if you have specific technical issues such as slow broadband (less than 2.5mb), where satellite internet may be the answer you need.


I also install IP Cameras. These are similar to CCTV but much better! If you need to be able to monitor an area give me a call to see how Axis cameras would be able to help you.
I have certifications from Microsoft, Comptia, Axis and several other organisation and  deal with all forms of Personal Computer and Information Technology problems. If you have a technical project in mind whether it be for a domestic installation or a small business, then give me a call.

To find out about my history, certifications and what I do, please see my website

Neil Barton

01202 861 077